Let's Do It (In The Big Putin Bed)

All those butterflies here...

Secondo le ultime notizie il sig. Silvio Berlusconi passerà le sue vacanze non in Sardegna, ormai contaminata dal segno del peccato, ma a L'Aquila con in più una visita al santuario di Padre Pio a San Giovanni Rotondo. Per cercare di sedare gli animi e stornare i fulmini internazionali dall'Italia è stata concepita questa ballata, scritta in inglese per raggiungere più gente possibile nel mondo. (Se vi sono degli errori, fatemelo sapere). Il testo si basa sulla trascrizione delle registrazioni fatte dalla escort Patrizia D'Addario in varie occasioni. Per la musica, scegliete voi.


Let's Do It (In The Big Putin Bed)

Baby let's do it in the big Putin bed
We'll be makin' love until the night is over
You wait for me while I take a shower,
Tonight's the night and the moon is red.

Who cares about Obama's election
What's worrying me now is my erection
So many girls, all dressed in black
I invited 'em all, can't send them back.

We'll do it all night in the big Putin bed
Giampi gave to you the first thousand euros
The next thousands are yours if you stay 'til tomorrow
Or maybe you prefer a licence to let ?

You can bring here your friend, we'll be havin' more fun
She can lick me all over i can tell one more joke
Listening to Apicella or some other folk bloke
You won't be only an escort, but a big friend of mine

Who cares about communists and Fini
Who gives a damn about Bossi and Casini
So many girls, they flew over my nest
All those butterflies here, they've come here just to love me

We did it together in the big Putin bed
It runs in the family, you know how it is
I can't have an orgasm, it takes me some ages
You can touch yourself often if you feel it like it's dead

I gave all my necklaces, I'm leaving tomorrow
I'm the only prime minister to chair three G8s
Got a maze in my garden, a fossilized whale
30 Phoenician tombs and an ice cream parlour

I am no saint, stick it in your heads
My mausoleum's ready to collect my remains
But I want one more thing, more than herbs and champagne
It is kickin' the bucket in the big Putin bed !

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